Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger Candy Kit Review

Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger Candy Kit

Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger Candy Kit

Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger Candy Review

Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger Candy Review

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“It’s more of an activity than a candy set. In fact, this particular set isn’t actually “candy” at all. You’re making *real* burgers, bread, ketchup, soda and fries!”

“I say real, but of course it is just little miniature food items. You make them in the microwave after you combine the dry packets with water. The fun thing here is that I’m pretty sure it uses real food ingredients. For example, whenever I opened up the packet labeled “potato” (for the fries) it smelt like dehydrated potatoes. The hamburger packet also even had a little dehydrated onion in it, so it was full of usual hamburger spices.”

“The instructions are in Japanese, so you’ll probably need to watch a video to understand which packet goes with which product. Thankfully, I had my husband to read the packets for me. Honestly, though, you can probably open them up, sniff and figure it out. Also, some of it is simple – like the hamburger. The brown packet is obviously hamburger. The two orange, larger packets are the fries/bread. You can sniff them out to tell the difference. The fries smell like potatoes, as I mentioned before. :D One of the small red packets is ketchup – and believe me, it does smell strongly of ketchup! ^^”

“For the most part, though, you can use the visual clues on the back of the package. There is a little measuring spoon you cut off and there are numbers telling you how many spoons of water to mix with the packets. Very easy! There is some microwaving to be done, too, for the buns, burger and the fries. But the microwave job only takes a few seconds. If you make this, be sure to watch close as they cook really, really fast. (In only a few seconds – 10 to 15.)”

“My favorite thing to do in this kit was to make the cheese. No idea why, but I liked pressing down the cheese on the paper. Sadly, I couldn’t get it perfectly square. :(

“Also, to make the little wrappers, like the holder for the fries, you have to cut out little film pieces and tape them up. This isn’t difficult and there are visual instructions included.”

Overall, I’d definitely do this kit again. :D ! I’d probably not buy it again, until I have a child old enough to do it with, but it is a lot of fun, cute and somewhat tasty. Yes – it is edible! It does taste like hamburgers. The fries, well, don’t exactly taste like fries, but they do taste like potatoes. The soda is kinda intolerably sweet, but you could just add more water to remedy that problem. ^^ If you need help making this kit, check out YouTube videos for it! But really, it’s pretty simple. Afterall, it is targeted toward children! (And childish adults, such as I. :D )

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