Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts Instrcutions Tips

Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts Candy Kit

Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts Candy Kit

Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts instrcutions tips by

Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts instrcutions tips by

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Making Popin Cookin Donuts

When putting the dough into the “tin” to make the various designs, one way to check if it reaches the bottom is to look at it from the other side and see if the bottom makes contact when you press it. When you are trying to mix two different flavours, make sure you give additional attention to where the two flavours merge because I had a few times when I took them out, it fell apart as they didn’t merge together.

Chocolate Icing

To ensure that you don’t cut a huge hole in the piping bag, stick a toothpick through one corner! Perfect small hole. I would also suggest trimming back the additional plastic at the bottom next to the piping hole as it can smear your frosting.

Vanilla and Chocolate Icing

The toothpick comes in handy later when frosting too. The vanilla and strawberry frosting were thicker then the chocolate. One way I found to smooth it out like in the image, is to use some water (warm preferably) and wet the tip of the toothpick and use it to smooth it down. It still isn’t as smooth as the chocolate but it helps!

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