Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts Candy Kit Review

Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts Candy Kit

Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts Candy Kit

Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts Candy Review by

Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts Candy Review by

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“When I opened the box is that the contents smelled “sweet.” Aside from the packets of powder, there is a little note warning that you should only use four cups (the plastic one they provide) of water when mixing the dough.  The cup  in this kit a bit smaller as well. There is a dent in the bottom of the tray where you mix the dough indicating how much water needs to be added.

Word of advice: while it is very tempting to add more water in as you’re mixing the dough as it seems like there isn’t enough water, trust in the instructions and keep going! I found using a “kneading” motion used for mixing dough extremely useful. Slowly, the power will mix with the dough and become workable.

The instructions say to prepare four dough balls each for vanilla and chocolate making eight in total. However, I was able to make three extra ones. The vanilla cake base smells very much like birthday cake and the chocolate smells like baked chocolate cake, both of them didn’t taste extremely like their name sake but there was a definite hint to it.

As for the frosting, the chocolate icing leaned more toward a dark chocolate flavour whereas, vanilla frosting tastes “sweet” and strawberry tastes like its name sake. When I was mixing, the positioning of the icing/frosting reminded me of Japanese snacks called “Yan Yan” I used to eat as a kid. As for decorating, the chocolate one was easiest to use. We are given two decorations, one is the colourful hard candy and the other is crispy bits, I think it uses the same flavouring as the donuts. If you would like some additional tips on decorating, click here!

One thing I love about these about these kits is that they have multiple uses and I also like how the powders turn into different things even when they start off all the time. My over all impression of this was that this kit was extremely fun! I liked the decorating bit as well and recommend this kit to anyone who does. There wasn’t anything in this kit that was hard to do and generally everything tasted fine.”

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